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Testimonials and course reviews. ISO 21500 in Practice. A 100% Step-by-Step implementation course.

The ISO 21500 Course outline:
  • This is not a common course based on theory and with only certification purposes.
  • This is not a lecture where only one listens. 
  • This is an interactive and participative Professional Training Workshop in an International live experience where we will learn based on group discussions
  • In this course you will learn ISO 21500 from experience, by applying it to a practice Case Study implementation.
  • We have developed the McMillin Trading Case Study to learn from experience an a hand-in-hand workshop with the instruction from an outstanding PM Expert professional.
  • From professional-to-professional. This is how ProjectManagers.org works.
  • You will be the Project Manager and you will make decisions in this Case Study based on the knowledge of ISO 21500 best practices with which we will provide you.
  • At the end of the course, you will not only master the ISO 21500 concepts, but you also will have participated in its implementation.
  • You will be prepared to apply ISO 21500 in your everyday work and for the rest of your professional career.
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  1. the course was very informative for beginners in project management,
    Angel covered the history of the ISO standards and the main use , we studied the iso 21500 which is the newest standard widely accepted by almost all countries worldwide , he explained the methodology to conduct a project from the start to the finish including one very interesting (and common) problem - solving simulation-the McMillan Trading case study- where alle is explained an easy way,

    i think this was very informative for beginners in PM and a good start in the world of standards and quality .

    Naim, Physician.

  2. Thank you for providing a practical course on ISO 21500 Guidelines on Project Management which was held yesterday, 6 September 2013. The course is very great which provided me more information concerning doing project management in a standard manner. One of the most interesting parts of this course is being interactive during the course delivery which allows me to share my ideas concerning the subject being discussed such as the 10 subject groups i.e. integration, stakeholders, scope, resource, time, cost, risk, quality, procurement, and communication as well as the 5 process groups i.e. initiating, planning, implementing, controlling, and closing. It is really great to know that stakeholders are very important to be identified during the initial stage which is one of the success factors of a project.

    Due to ISO 21500 flexibility, easy to use, and easy to implement I could say that this is a wonderful standard in project management which any organizations or industries can use. I will recommend this to our organization to be used as our standard in project management.

    Currently, I was assigned as one of the project team member to create the Project Management standard procedures which will be used throughout our organization (project management consulting company). I do believe that I can utilize the knowledge I gained in attending this course to complete all the deliverable of our project that would enhance the maturity level of our organization in project management.

    Thank you and keep on delivering practical course on ISO 21500.


    Joseph Quibin Penor

  3. What is the timing of this course ? 29 MAY 2015 – 3 hours