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Why should I take The ISO 21500 Course instead of other framework?

The ISO 21500 is the international standard for Project Management. ISO 21500 is the umbrella where all the other frameworks fit.

If you want to entry into the Project Manager profession, definitely The ISO 21500 Course by ProjectManagers.org is the best option.

In this course you will learn how to manage a Project from the start to the end. In a very participative season, you will learn and apply in a practice project management case study all the knowledge you will acquire.

At the end of the course you will be prepared to apply the international best practices on Project Management in your work and in your live!. You also will grant a Project Manager Certificate in ISO 21500 accredited by ProjectManagers.org

After taking The ISO 21500 Course and having learned to successfully manage projects, if you like to continue studying then you can attend to a course of other frameworks, like Prince2, PMBOK, etc. Because all of them will fit in the ISO 21500 knowledge and practice.

For this reason, this is not a matter of taking one instead of other. The point should be “why not learning International Standard for PM?”. 

Everyone should know the ISO 21500. It is a must!


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