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19JUN2015: New Edition of the ISO 21500 Project Management Workshop

As this online workshop is becoming more popular we have scheduled a new edition for this coming June the 19th 2015. Seats are limited, so register now!

The ISO 21500 Workshop - New Edition: 29 May 2015 - Your Grouth Opportunity!


If you have not done yet, don't lose this opportunity! This webinar mastercourse has helped many people to jumpstart their Project Management Career. This is a exclusive certification program for becoming a Certified Project Manager in ISO 21500 by ProjectManagers.org. Seats are limitted to only 9 people. Be one of this selected Club! Register Now!

New Edition: 27 February 2015 - Jump-start Your Career

There are many people asking us for new editions of our course, so we want to satisfy you all. This new edition of the successful ISO 21500 Workshop will bring you the opportunity in becoming Certified Project Manager in ISO 21500 by ProjectManagers.org

Photo: "Anthony Beyer Uplift" by Anthony Beyer. CC BY-ND https://www.flickr.com/photos/anthonybeyer/15474786527

Next Edition: 30 January 2015

This is your next opportunity for becoming a Project Manager Certified by ProjectManagers.org. In only 3 hour of intensive training and a final assignment, you can stand out from the crowd. Register now!
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Get a FREE seat for our ISO 21500 Exclusive Mastercourse! - Nov 22th 2013

Hello to everyone!

We are having the coming 22nd of November 2013 a new edition of our successful ISO 21500 Course. And we are NOW offering a FREE Seat for the person that will write the most positive and detailed sentences about Why do you want to get a seat for The ISO 21500 Course? and How do you think it will change/empower your professional career?

Simply leave your comments below (subscribe so that we will be able to contact)

The 20th of November we will communicate the winner.

Why should I take The ISO 21500 Course instead of other framework?

The ISO 21500 is the international standard for Project Management. ISO 21500 is the umbrella where all the other frameworks fit.

If you want to entry into the Project Manager profession, definitely The ISO 21500 Course by ProjectManagers.org is the best option.

In this course you will learn how to manage a Project from the start to the end. In a very participative season, you will learn and apply in a practice project management case study all the knowledge you will acquire.

At the end of the course you will be prepared to apply the international best practices on Project Management in your work and in your live!. You also will grant a Project Manager Certificate in ISO 21500 accredited by ProjectManagers.org

After taking The ISO 21500 Course and having learned to successfully manage projects, if you like to continue studying then you can attend to a course of other frameworks, like Prince2, PMBOK, etc. Because all of them will fit in the ISO 21500 knowledge and practice.

For this reason, this is not a matter of taking one instead of other. The point should be “why not learning International Standard for PM?”. 

Everyone should know the ISO 21500. It is a must!

Get a FREE seat for our ISO 21500 Exclusive Mastercourse! - Oct 18th 2013

Hello everyone! 

We are offering one FREE seat for our next ISO 21500 Exclusive Global Edition mastercourse.

For participating you only need to leave a comment telling us how this course would help you (in your day-to-day work), and what you would do with the knowledge acquired after assisting to it (for your professional career). We will choose the most detailed and positive one. 

The winner will be published in October the 14th (be sure you are in our subscribers email list, to receive the notification).

Good Luck!